Prominent Westside pastor prepares
to announce support for Nevada's ESAs

LAS VEGAS — At a school choice open-house scheduled for Tuesday, February 9th, 2016, Pastor Ron Thomas of the Reconciliation Apostolic Ministries will proudly announce his support for Nevada’s Education Savings Accounts.

“There’s a lot of misinformation about the program,” Pastor Thomas told the Nevada Policy Research Institute. “And the truth is, there is a lot of opportunity for minority communities with ESAs.”

Thomas has been a pastor for the past 20 years, and is also an officer with the Las Vegas chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Although the NAACP has not supported ESAs, Thomas said he personally felt it was important to speak out in support of the reform.

Sen. Scott Hammond, the author of SB302, will be featured, as will be a number of parents who have already enrolled in ESAs. According to Thomas, the evening open-house was conceived as a way to bring information about ESAs directly to parents, without any buffers.

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Husband and wife team hope to fix
education for Vegas at-risk youth

They saw Nevada Education Savings Accounts offering a big potential for the community

The Andersons — DaJuane and Tamara — have a dream.

Pursuing it, they both achieved doctorates in education.

And to it they’ve dedicated their teaching careers.

The dream is to significantly improve the lives of at-risk youth — here in Las Vegas and elsewhere.

And the means to accomplish something so important exists, they believe, within the unique private school they launched: The Anderson Academy of Mathematics and Science.

For nearly a decade the Andersons have been struggling to build a school dedicated to low-income students. Of course, it has been an uphill battle.

And now, with the injunction granted by District Judge James Wilson against Nevada’s innovative Education Savings Accounts, that hill has gotten significantly steeper.

“We feel like we’re back to where we were in the beginning,” Dr. DaJuane Anderson recently told the Nevada Policy Research Institute.

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The creed of the ‘common school’

It was never what today’s secular ideologues assume

Nevada’s state constitution speaks in several places of something called “the common schools.”

While that term is regularly read today to mean secular tax-supported government schools, that wasn’t what the term meant in 1864 when Nevada’s constitution was being written.

So what did it mean?

The term “the common school” dates primarily from before the Civil War, when it became widely used by Horace Mann and others who were eager to re-engineer the education that American young people were receiving from their local community schools.

The term, therefore, refers not only to community schools, but also to a Mann-led program of social engineering through state-controlled education. That particular program’s unique history has been massively documented by Boston University Professor Charles L. Glenn, in his watershed book, The Myth of the Common School:

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