Double-dipping ex-purchasing director
reportedly repays school district

But CCSD keeps key findings of internal probe hidden from public

A Clark County School District investigation into apparent paid-leave abuse by the district’s former purchasing director has resulted in a repayment to the district.

“The District conducted its investigation in an expeditious manner once the information regarding Ms. Tollen’s working in Washington State was discovered,” wrote Melinda Malone, CCSD’s press secretary, in an email last week. The District, said Malone, “was able to recover all monies it believed it was owed.”

Both the amount of money involved and the extent of abuse remains unknown, however. District officials did not respond to multiple inquiries seeking the amount of money recouped.

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Former NSEA staffer accuses
union of racial discrimination

Plaintiff calls the case “textbook” racism, union won’t return requests for comment

LAS VEGAS — The Nevada State Education Association may be in hot water over what one former employee is calling racial discrimination and a breach of contract.

Jaime Reborn, a six-year employee of the association, has taken his firing to court. It was because of the color of his skin, he says, that he was passed up for a promotion and subsequently fired.

Reborn, who is African-American, says that when the position for director of communications opened up in 2012, he was clearly the member of the NSEA staff most qualified for the post, holding seven college degrees, including one doctorate.

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Education, Transparency

CCSD spent over $13,000 discussing controversial sex-ed program

Plan was to ‘impact’ individuals throughout
community, school district; allegedly skirt parents

LAS VEGAS — The Clark County School District spent over $13,000 this year to discuss the child sex-education advocacy program that made headlines when it was reported that the district was considering teaching masturbation to Kindergartners.

The amount CCSD spent on the program led by the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) comes from documents released by CCSD in response to public-record requests.

Over $9,750 went to pay SIECUS to provide “professional facilitation” in multiple CCSD focus groups, according to two purchase orders. Printed materials for the events cost another $3,328.

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Charter-school parents fear
the creeping CCSD mindset

Pinecrest Academy’s board seen as distancing itself from parent concerns

Medicaid patients to be the
surprise victims of margin tax

If the margin tax passes, it will claim a group of unlikely victims: Medicaid patients.

Harry Reid’s gifts to ‘greedy’
insurance companies were hidden
behind populist, anti-insurer rants

His ‘ACA’ law forces all Americans to buy industry products,
channels billions into company coffers, sets up taxpayer bailouts

CCSD police dispatcher transferred
from post as new details emerge in
Angela Peterson death case

Jail-house phone call: “My mom’s going to go to jail now.”

Mom-and-pop business worries
about indirect impacts of margin tax

Small business owner sees costs increasing if margin tax passes,
even through his business doesn’t meet $1 million threshold

Forest chief: Fed water policy a mess

Proposed USFS directive is latest fed effort to grab Western waters, say states

Utah hotel settles immigration case with feds

Elko County to message feds
cross-country by horseback

Cowboy Express theme: 'Regulation without representation is tyranny'

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