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Small business owner: Margin tax
would impose 32% marginal tax rate

Threat of hefty tax offers new incentive to keep revenues low

The proposed margin tax would impose a 32% marginal tax rate on Frank Friedlander, owner of Las Vegas Window Tinting.

LAS VEGAS — Come November, the fate of Nevada business owners — big and small — will be in the hands of voters.

For family-owned businesses like Las Vegas Window Tinting, the stakes are high: the imposition of the margin tax would slap owners Frank and Lelia Friedlander with an additional $24,000 tax bill.

Unlike a corporate income tax, the proposed two-percent margin tax would be levied on the revenue that passes through businesses’ registers, not the profit left over after bills are paid. This means struggling businesses stand to lose all of their profit, or worse, end up losing money at a time when many Nevada job-creators are still trying to fully recover from the Great Recession.

“We’re just getting back now,” Frank said, explaining that his company “made it through the recession but barely made it through the recovery because it was so long.”

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Two released after Lovelock, Nevada rescue

Mother, 1 child discharged from hospital after rescue in bitter cold Nevada wilderness

RENO, Nevada (AP) — A mother and her youngest child were discharged Wednesday from a Nevada hospital a day after being rescued with four other group members who were stranded for two days in a bitter cold mountain wilderness when their Jeep rolled over.

The father of the girl and three other young members of the couple's families were also doing "remarkably well" but will remain a bit longer for observation at the hospital in Lovelock, Dr. Douglas Vacek said.

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Tahoe homeowners still view
TRPA as frustrating, indifferent

Survey: High proportion find dealing with it ‘futile’

LAS VEGAS — The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency is winning national awards from government-planning professionals, but among homeowners in the five counties surrounding Lake Tahoe, it’s the least popular local government agency of all.

Seventy percent of homeowners in the Lake Tahoe Basin said TRPA would not take their concerns very seriously and 47 percent expressed much frustration with TRPA.

When poll respondents reporting minimal experience with the agency were excluded from the calculations, the negatives went up — to 72 percent and 55 percent, respectively.

In every case, TRPA’s negative numbers are significantly higher than those of other local government agencies in the Basin and higher still when compared to the attitudes of homeowners just outside the basin.

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Environmentalism vs. the environment

Tahoe hostility to development ensured lake pollution for decades

LAS VEGAS — The Lake Tahoe Basin — its residents are ceaselessly told — has suffered much environmental damage over the decades.

Rarely mentioned, however, is a remarkable fact: Much of the damage has actually been at the hands of the lake’s ostensible protectors.

While this reality is only occasionally acknowledged, it’s a critical part of basin history and needs to be known if the Tahoe environment is to flourish.

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Feds' war on Western ranchers'
water rights takes a body blow

Judge refers BLM, USFS officers for potential criminal prosecution, shames DOJ lawyers

LAS VEGAS — Out in the American West, it’s not hard to find ranchers who’ll tell you that federal land agencies and U.S. Justice Department lawyers have in recent decades been working to destroy family ranching as a way of life.

Late last month, however, those ranchers — ignored and discounted though they’ve generally been — got, for their argument, some very high-powered ammunition.

Naturally enough, it came right out of the heart of the decades-long, high-profile litigation between the U.S. government and the family of the late E. Wayne Hage, author and property-rights advocate.

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In Tahoe face-off with
California, Nevada retreats

Sandoval risks political backlash

LAS VEGAS — Has the Lake Tahoe Compact been saved?

Do the announced compromises between Nevada and California — repeatedly hailed by lawmakers in Carson City following the May 14 agreement of the states’ governors — stand any genuine chance of solving the Tahoe Basin’s longstanding economic, governance and water-clarity problems?

Or have deep and fundamental conflicts between the two states and between Tahoe environmentalists and most lake residents merely been papered over — soon to return in an even more virulent form?

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Proposed amendment would
preserve Tahoe compact

Would be conditional on California legislature agreeing to Nevada's conditions

LAS VEGAS — A high-stakes amendment intended to keep Nevada in the controversial bi-state Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) was proposed today by Gov. Brian Sandoval, Assembly Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick and State Sen. James Settelmeyer.

All three, during the 2011 Nevada Legislature, had supported Senate Bill 271, the bill to take Nevada out of the TRPA Compact unless California agreed to change the terms governing the agency’s control over Lake Tahoe planning.

Sen. Settelmeyer was a primary author of the legislation, and Speaker Kirkpatrick had — notwithstanding criticism from “green” groups — supported it. Gov. Sandoval, once the bill had been approved by both legislative chambers, had signed it.

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Moving company owner, after sting, pans Nevada's 'arduous' licensing process

Company fined $1,000 for operating, advertising without a license

Carolyn Davis wanted to start a moving company in Las Vegas, but instead got caught in a sting operation by the Nevada Transportation Authority. Davis describes the NTA's rigorous licensing process while a NTA attorney defends it.

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Phil's story: Nevada government forcing businesses to wait 'years' for building permits

Five years and over $500,000 later, the Pioneer Saloon
is still waiting for permits to be approved

Phil Regeski owns P.R. Engineering, a civil engineering and construction services company in Las Vegas. One of Regeski's clients, the Pioneer Saloon, located in the small town of Goodsprings, Nevada, has waited 5 years and spent over $500,000 trying to get construction permits approved by Clark County.

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Mob Museum fails to meet original
attendance expectations, dramatically
misses former mayor’s '800,000' mark

Taxpayer-funded museum projected to break even in first year of operations

LAS VEGAS — The National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, also known as the Mob Museum, fell well short of its original 300,000-to-600,000 visitor projection, but did meet revised attendance projections with over 250,000 visitors in its first year of operations. It fell dramatically short of former mayor Oscar Goodman’s optimistic 800,000 projection.

“They tell me not to say that I believe 800,000 people will be down here, that I’m only supposed to say 500,000 or 400-to-800,000 people will be here,” said Goodman during last year’s grand opening.

The museum, which received $42 million in tax money from various local and federal funds, has a $3.5 million operating budget, according to Jonathan Ullman, the museum’s executive director. The average ticket price is $14.96, so 250,000 visitors allows the museum to make and surpass its breakeven target.

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