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Moving company owner, after sting, pans Nevada's 'arduous' licensing process

Company fined $1,000 for operating, advertising without a license

Carolyn Davis wanted to start a moving company in Las Vegas, but instead got caught in a sting operation by the Nevada Transportation Authority. Davis describes the NTA's rigorous licensing process while a NTA attorney defends it.

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Phil's story: Nevada government forcing businesses to wait 'years' for building permits

Five years and over $500,000 later, the Pioneer Saloon
is still waiting for permits to be approved

Phil Regeski owns P.R. Engineering, a civil engineering and construction services company in Las Vegas. One of Regeski's clients, the Pioneer Saloon, located in the small town of Goodsprings, Nevada, has waited 5 years and spent over $500,000 trying to get construction permits approved by Clark County.

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Scott's story: How government put his business 'through a circus'

New NPRI study offers ways to help Nevada's entrepreneurs

Scott Godino, Jr. opened Born and Raised Las Vegas, a Vegas-themed bar, in 2010, but his business was almost crippled by the very city he was celebrating.

"There was an hours of operation restriction on this location," said Godino. "They wanted us to close from two to six, and you can't call yourself a Las Vegas bar if you aren't open all night."

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Pat's story: How regulators
harm the Las Vegas Zoo

New NPRI study offers ways to help Nevada's entrepreneurs

Pat Dingle has owned the nonprofit Las Vegas Zoo for 32 years, but new government regulations have created a business environment Dingle says he "never imagined."

"We have five openings in various categories--we're two zoo keepers short--but we can't afford to hire anybody," says Dingle, "because we have to keep paying government or pay fighting government."

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Carolyn's story: How onerous licensing requirements hurt would-be entrepreneurs

When Carolyn Davis' son lost his job in the construction industry, they decided to start a moving company called All-Pro Movers.

"We didn't have a big truck, but our target market was small apartments and we thought it could work out," says Davis.

Davis' business was only off the ground for six weeks when they were caught in a sting operation by the Nevada Department of Transportation for not having an approved business license.

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Amy's story: How Nevada restricts
real estate professionals

Amy Groves, owner of Nevada's Finest Properties, LLC, a real estate and HOA-management company, has been in business for eight years and pays over 30 different taxes, licenses, and fees each year just to stay in business.

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Gyms planned by CCSD for rural
high schools would cost as much
as UNLV's Mendenhall Center

Proposed tax increase would give school of 244 a new $11.9 million gym

Nevada doctors share how Obamacare
harms patients and physicians

Concerns include reduced access for patients and pay cuts

Nevada Journal asked three local doctors about Obamacare and how it affects their practice. The interviews took place on Friday, September 14, 2012 at the Clark County Library, where the three doctors participated in a panel discussion about healthcare sponsored by the 60 Plus Association.

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Food truck owners react to Las Vegas tabling restrictions

Proposed regulations would have favored brick-and-mortar restaurants

Editor's note: If you are looking for the video on how Obamacare affects doctors, please click here.

On September 5, 2012, the Las Vegas City Council tabled a motion restricting food trucks from parking near downtown restaurants. Nevada Journal asked food truck owners what they thought about the Council's inaction, and how the proposed restrictions could've affected their businesses.

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Las Vegas food truck operators talk about proposed restrictions on their businesses

Other businesses trying to use government to stifle their competition

On September 5, the City of Las Vegas will consider a proposal banning food trucks from operating within 300 feet of brick-and-mortar restaurants. Nevada Journal asked food truck employees if they thought this proposal was fair to their businesses.

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