ARL Status – Separation from CCSD email

ARL Status – Separation from CCSD



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Dear ARL Teacher,

Recently, the Employee Onboarding and Development department was notified that you have
or are planning to separate from the Clark County School District (CCSD). This email is to inform
you that breaking contract with the CCSD will subsequently remove you from the CCSD Alternative
Routes to Licensure (ARL) program and your name will be submitted to the Nevada Department of
Education for licensure invalidation if you have not already converted to a standard teaching license.
Once your separation is finalized, you will not be eligible to return to the CCSD ARL program or re-apply
for employment as a CCSD ARL teacher. Should you wish to pursue education in the future, you may
have the opportunity to apply to a different State-approved ARL provider.

If you would like to discuss your status in the CCSD ARL program, please reach out to the ARL Team
at (702) 799-1092.

Best of luck in your career endeavors!

Employee Onboarding and Development


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