Part 8: Test pages, real and bogus

IMG 3184: A blank test page (Note: Kids’ names are coded, in this public version. Law enforcement, et al, receive full identifiers.)

This is a test page for a classroom in Infinite Campus, the grading software used by CCSD (and some 2,000 other school districts around the U.S.). At the top left of the page are the dates of the school term. In the next panel, labeled “Section,” is the subject and code number for this particular test, which is the second test given in Reading for second graders. The blank character of the test sheet in IMG 3184 is meaningful, because in the screenshot below, IMG 3100, you’ll see a similarly blank Infinite Campus test page with 11 other tests positioned on top of it.

Image 3100, with code-names replacing kids’ names

In this image, different test transparencies have been positioned atop the underlying blank original test form. As they’re out of sync, IMG 3100 appears visually incoherent, like a double-exposure photograph. In the next part, what follows is an exploded view, showing the outlines for at least three of the superimposed layers.

Part 9: Grade-changing, the exploded view

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